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A consulting and development firm offering innovative products and services in the field of IT-enabled learning. Backbone Press publishes and runs corporate, college and graduate level online and hybrid courses and tutorials. Our products incorporate a patent-pending, progressive learning methodology and user-friendly modular design, delivering a customizable, best-of-class product mix.

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Currently taught in the US and Canada:

Marketing Principles and Processes  " The purpose of this course is to teach you to think about the key processes and market segments that real marketers rely on." Dr. Peter Dickson, author and Ryder Eminent Scholar in Global Logistics, Florida International University

Marketing Accounting Metrics  "Marketing metrics are measures of marketing and market performance that all managers should be able to think about. In 3 weeks train your entire team, department, group so that everyone has a MAmetrics mindset ." Diana Snyder, Publisher, Backbone Press